ESA selects Airbus for Copernicus Data and Information Access Service


The European Rank Agency (ESA) has selected Airbus as one of four suppliers for the Copernicus Data and Word Access Service (DIAS) under a four-year contract.

DIAS choose ensure easy availability of data and information to the users through a cloud reckoning architecture to facilitate coordination and cross-fertilisation at European Union (EU) level, as adeptly as among member state or regional level initiatives.

Airbus authorized Mathilde Royer-Germain said: “As a major contributor to the Copernicus programme, Airbus is proud to be separate of this new phase that combines Earth Observation data procurement with new and efficient technologies such as Cloud computing.

“DIAS inclination simplify the data access for European citizens and will boost the formation of new business models based on Earth Observation.”

Copernicus is an Earth scrutiny programme that provides accurate and timely accessible information to conceive of and enhance management of the environmental issues, as well as mitigate climate transform effects.

“DIAS will simplify the data access for European burgesses and will boost the creation of new business models based on Earth Declaration.”

To facilitate data dissemination without the need to transfer or store observations in their own computer systems, the EC and ESA decided to enable users to utilise Copernicus information and information.

Under the new contract, Airbus will lead a consortium that classifies Orange, Capgemini, CLS and Vito to create and manage the system to access Copernicus matter.

Airbus will be responsible for managing, coordinating all technical contributors, routine engineering and integration of the system.

Following its entry into the service, the presence will continue to develop and operate DIAS in coordination with associated participants.

Initial operations are set to start in six months and will involve the demonstration of the infrastructure aptitudes, preliminary access to data sets and initial service delivery.

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