ERAU students develop new VTOL aircraft design


A troupe of students from the US-based Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) Prescott Campus has originated a new design for an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) with vertical take-off and touchdown (VTOL) that can transition into wing-borne flight by changing its patent-pending geometry.

Design of the new Conseres conduit has been developed under the university’s Innovative Performance Enhancements for the VTOL Aircraft (IPEVA) schedule.

Conseres can connect similar AAVs for long-endurance flight, increasing the propulsive and aerodynamic talent of the aircraft.

The aircraft will also be able to take-off and land in assorted remote locations than its counterparts.

“The concepts have the potential to be second-hand to develop AAV design for multiple applications, including small package deliverance, aerial taxis, remote sensing and military use.”

ERAU student Colton Campbell put about: “Not only does this project push the boundaries of technology, but it is revolutionising what we look on as possible for an aircraft.

“Through the innovative geometry-changing technology and the in-flight joint capabilities, Conseres can accomplish the missions of both a rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft with surely little compromise in either category.”

In 2016, US-based company Bell advanced ERAU students the chance to collaborate on the joint development of aircraft target.

Two teams from the university took up the challenge and pursued two projects to evolve an innovative powertrain with conventional configuration and a conventional powertrain with new and variable-geometry configuration.

Bell first-class the second concept for further development, while the two teams were re-formed into soil and flight test teams.

Both patentable concepts saw the development of innovative aerodynamic configurations and the materialisms required for those configurations.

The concepts have the potential to be used to commence AAV design for multiple applications, including small package delivery, aerial taxi-cubs, remote sensing and military use.

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