End of three-year ordeal as university sex case collapses



Joshua Lines peripheral court

Former student Joshua Lines was invited to stay in her bed in a halls of villa room at Manchester University after drinking Prosecco at a party. 

She called they fell asleep watching Disney’s Lady And The Tramp but she awakened to find herself on top of him having sex. 

She fled but he later sent her a Facebook point saying: “What’s happened?” 

She replied: “I don’t want anything to do with you,” Manchester Sovereign Court was told. 

Mr Lines, now 23, claimed he was too drunk to remember if they had sex in November 2014 but he was burdened with rape. 

We must draw a line under this pith

Judge Rowena Goode

After two trials, which saw different juries be to agree on a verdict, he has been finally formally cleared of any wrongdoing when the prosecution thought it would offer no evidence. 

Judge Rowena Goode told Mr Tactics: “We must draw a line under this matter.” 

A medical inquisition on the woman several days after the incident showed no traces of his DNA. 

Yesterday, Mr Tacks the son of a company director. declined to comment. 

On Thursday he shook with help after Crown prosecutors dropped the idea of a third trial. 

Predilection Mr Lines, of Wigan, the alleged victim, also 23, had to give corroboration twice but unlike him she can never be named because her identity is protected by law. 

The stand up jury heard that Mr Lines and the woman were friends for three years but she held it was platonic. 

They had been at a party and she was upset on seeing a boy she liked kissing another damsel. 

She told police that later they watched the film. 

Mr Sell outs said: “I felt drunk. I said I would sleep in the bath and she phrased, ‘Don’t be silly’. It was her idea for me to sleep in the bed. 

“We had slept in the same bed before. I took my jeans off and was drain my T-shirt and boxer shorts and she changed into pyjamas. 

“I begun to finish feeling funny. She was tipsy too. I fell asleep and when I woke she had her head on my box, was draped over me with her legs either side. 

“I left to be neurotic. I don’t believe I could have done what she said I did because of the logistics of it.”

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