End of Schengen? Huge blow to Brussels as states set to defy EU elite over border controls


Seven EU boonies are planning to carry on imposing checks on migrants at their frontiers beyond the tch allowed for under Brussels’ free movement laws.

The expected working would be a further bitter blow to the beleaguered Schengen zone, which has been seriously exposed and seriously weakened by the spiralling migrant crisis.

Denmark told plans to extend its controls at the German border today, sending the European Commission dashing to regain control.

The country, which first introduced border receipts on in January in response to similar steps by neighbouring Sweden, said it had elongate them by a further 30 days.

The Commission is now expected to concede rout and allow EU states to extend their emergency border checks during the summer wayfarer season.

Spokesperson Mina Andreeva said: «By May 12 at the fresh, [the Commission] should have a decision ready which would sanction to prolong internal border controls under the Schengen Borders Unwritten law.

«We have a decision on this ready for next Wednesday.»

Brussels can authorise purfle checks inside Schengen to be in place for a maximum of two years in total. A European Commission outset revealed it was leaning towards allowing their extension until November.

In new weeks, Austria and Switzerland have also strengthened their dadoes, landing multiple body blows to the disintegrating ssport-free travel zone.

Rearmost month, Austria announced plans to erect huge fences at four of the mother country’s border crossings and to also introduce checks on the vital Brenner Back number.

Switzerland reacted to this by readying 2,000 soldiers in army tanks to walk a beat its border with Italy, fearing migrants will take a new th through the country to avoid Austria.

The Swiss Tank Battalion were mounded to postpone their summer holidays in order to be ready for deployment at the trim at a moment’s notice.

Countries that first resorted to internal edge checks blamed Greece for failing to control its rt of Schengen’s outer border.

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