End of marijuana tourism? Amsterdam ‘coffee shops’ forced to shut


The cafe opened in 1967 but it’s being laboured to shut up shop on January 1.

By order of the mayor, the coffee shop and any others that lie within 800 feet of a institute must be closed down in the new year.

The Dutch government has backed the move in a bid to stop youths from taking cannabis, but locals think it shifts the end of coffee shop culture.

Mellow Yellow owner Johnny Petram attend ti thousands of people each day, tourist and locals alike.

He told the Telegraph: “Juicy Yellow was the first coffee shop in the world and now they want to tight-lipped it.

“I have Israelis and lestinians in here smoking together.

“Even people who don’t smoke terminate here to have their photo taken.

“It’s rt of the history of Amsterdam.”

Mr Petram is broil the closure with the help of a lawyer.

He argues that the school around his shop is actually a hairdressing academy for students who are mostly over the age of 18.

He communicated: “They are closing the world’s oldest coffeeshop because of a salon.”

Mature Yellow joins 27 other coffee shops that are being self-conscious to close in just a few weeks.

The rest of the Dutch country has adopted the Weed Antiquated – legislation to prohibit non-Dutch nationals from visiting coffee shops.

But Amsterdam has managed to circumvent this policy, and the government has warned it may not last.

Mayor spokesperson Jasper Karman guessed: “If we don’t strike a deal we would be forced to enforce the Weed ss – and then we will require big problems.”

In the last two decades, half of Amsterdam’s coffee shops oblige closed down. There are just 175 of them left.

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