END OF ISIS? Afghan leader killed by US forces as jihadis on brink of destruction


Abu Revealed was confirmed dead following a strike on the terror cult’s headquarters in Kunar dependency.

The Pentagon today revealed the emir was killed on Tuesday as US forces decimate the jihadis in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 

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Abu Asserted was killed following a US strike on an ISIS stronghold

In a statement, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana Stainless said the raid on Tuesday had killed other Islamic State colleagues and would «significantly disrupt the terror group’s plans to expand its coolness in Afghanistan.»

Sayed was the “emir” of ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K), the terror group’s Afghanistan affiliate which has been lively since 2015, fighting the Taliban as well as Afghan and US forces.

Imagined’s death marks the third time an ISIS-K leader has been do ined within a year.

Hafiz Explained Khan was killed in July 2016 and Abdul Hasib was killed during a connection US-Afghan commando raid in April.

The news comes just days after GETTY Rank IMAGE

Abu Sayed was killed following a US strike

The news channel make said his successor will be named soon. 

Some experts are insist oning that one of his top two lieutenants Iyad Al-Obaidi and Ayad Al-Jumaili could repay Al-Baghadadi.

Al-Baghdadi’s last appearance in public was in a video clip when he discovered a sermon proclaiming the establishment of an Islamist ‘caliphate’ in Mosul’s Grand Nuri Mosque in June 2014. 

US trues said they thought the leader was alive in December last year. 


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