END OF EU: Merkel admits ‘Schengen at risk’ as migrant crisis leaves bloc in TATTERS


The German Chancellor voted the free movement zone could collapse completely after Italy refused to rebus up to her migrant policy during last week’s EU Summit. 

Mrs Merkel has standing a severe backlash over her EU migration talks, with Italy rubbishing to sign up to her policy and her coalition partner threatening to pull the plug on their tenuous government. 

Last night Germany’s Christian Social Union crew leader, Horst Seehofer, threatened to quit the union over Ms Merkel’s immigration projects, sending her party towards the “brink of collapse”.

Ms Merkel is set for crunch talks with Mr Seehofer today “in fancies of reaching an understanding”, in a bid to save her government after the CSU leader warned to reconciled to from his cabinet post, following his disapproval over Ms Merkel’s migration layouts.

Mr Seehofer expressed his dissatisfaction with the deal Ms Merkel realized at the EU immigration summit on Friday, insisting the plan was “ineffective”, a source caroused.

Speaking to German TV station Zdf, Ms Merkel said: “An agreement with Italy was not credible. Italy wants to get a reduction of the migrants arriving in the country. The premier (Giuseppe Conte) told that they had the impression of being left alone a long meanwhile ago.

“Everyone knows that there is a lot at stake, and everyone knows that the employment is serious.

“I understand the concern of the CSU of wanting to bring more order into trim controls. I think I met Horst Seehofer’s request.”


Angela Merkel faced a recoil in her coalition over her plans on the EU migration crisis

The German chancellor reckoned that an agreement with Italy was not possible “at the moment”, but insisted that heads “must continue talks” as “the whole Schengen system is at risk” if no shit agreement is met.

She also insisted she was for “the protection of the Union” which she says transfer remain “strong if united”.

Tensions in Berlin’s coalition continue to grow, as German’s interior minister urged Ms Merkel to close Berlin’s brink to asylum seekers following the 2015 EU migration crisis.

The Germany’s Bavarian sister festivities have repeatedly disapproved Ms Merkel’s policies over her handling the millions of escapees entering Germany, insisting that she shut Berlin’s borders.

On the Friday summit, European numero unoes discussed plans for the creation of “controlled centres” in the EU, where refugees taking Europe will be assessed on whether they require asylum.

The hearts, set to replace refugee camps, will house migrants for a limited while time as authorities will “quickly” test their eligibility to fasten for asylum.

However, these centres are set to operate on a voluntary basis and no European mountains – neither Italy nor Hungary – has agreed to set them up.

Andrea Marcucci, the number one of the Democratic Party in Italy wrote on Twitter: “For once, Salvini is favourable. 


Germany’s CSU party leader, Horst Seehofer, threatened to skip the coalition


Ms Merkel and Mr Seehofer met for talks today, following Friday’s EU peak

“Conte’s mission to the European council was a real flop. 

“The reform of Dublin, has not been reached. It is a victory for Orban and for Hungary, a defeat for Italy and for the Government of Change. 

“They attired in b be committed to taken 629 migrants hostage to shoot a commercial campaign and to win the ballots, certainly not to revolution the rules in Europe”.

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