Employers 'more cautious' on hiring post Brexit, survey says


UK managers have become more cautious about hiring new staff track the vote to leave the EU, a report claims.

The proportion of employers expecting to broaden staff over the next three months dropped from 40% to the fore of the vote to 36% after it, according to a survey by HR body the CIPD and Adecco.

It foretold the fall was “significantly sharper” among private sector firms.

“There has been a unblocked deterioration in hiring intentions… as a result of the Brexit vote,” the announce said.

The CIPD said the survey’s results suggested post-Brexit trade forecasts of a marked downturn in the labour market next year thinks fitting be proved right.

“While many businesses are treating the immediate post-Brexit epoch as ‘business as usual’, and hiring intentions overall still remain definite, there are signs that some organisations, rticularly in the private sector, are getting to batten down the hatches,” said CIPD acting chief economist Ian Brinkley.

‘Recess and see’

Recruitment agency Adecco chief executive John Marshall utter employers appeared to be taking a “wait and see approach”.

“Uncertainty around Brexit is decide oning employers nervous. This caution seems sensible but unless directors want to see their growth stymied, they need to take proactive traces,” he added.

The survey was based on responses from 726 HR professionals between 10 to 23 June and 618 HR professionals between 8 to 17 July.

Other measures have also suggested that the outcome of the EU vote has had an im ct on vocation.

The latest Report on Jobs, produced monthly by IHS Markit, which gets data from 400 UK recruitment and employment firms, found constant placements in July fell at the sharpest rate since May 2009, with rtakers citing uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Earlier this month, the Bank of England judged it expected the unemployment rate to rise to 5.4% next year and 5.6% in 2018.

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