Empire State emergency: Firefighters called to New York skyscraper


Firefighters are on the altercation outside the 102-story building in the city’s Fifth Avenue.

The conflagration reportedly started in the basement of the building at 2.20pm local time.

Trippers are currently being evacuated from the hugely popular NYC attraction.

Proofs inside the building have described smelling smoke.

One person put in blacked on Twitter: “Something’s going on at Empire State Building”Elevators hums like smoke. Fire engines outside.

“Elevators smells a charge out of prefer smoke. Fire engines outside.”

New York’s fire department (FDNY) have in the offing confirmed they are still trying to put out the flames.

It is currently believed the light a fire under affected a Starbucks Coffee shop on the lower floor.

A total of 80 firefighters and 26 mechanisms were called to the scene.

No injuries have been reported.

The Empire Say Building is the 29th-tallest in the world, but once had the number one spot.

The building, dignitary after the common name for New York ‘the Empire State’ was completed in 1931.

In spite of the huge emergency response, the Empire State Building’s official Tweeting account said observatories remain open.

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