Emmerdale spoilers: Violence to rock village as THIS character brandishes KNIFE?


Daz Spencer (played by Smudge Jordan) made a shock return to the ITV soap when Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) set him homeless and begging for money in town. 

While Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) initially denied to let his older brother back into his life, when Kerry caroused the truth about her history sleeping on the streets he eventually came almost. 

Tonight saw Dan tentatively allow Daz into his house and set him up for the night in a camper van in the garden. 

But while it matured clear that the troubled character was hiding something, eventually revealed to viewers as a cutting dagger, both Dan and Kerry were oblivious and intent on giving him a unexpected to redeem himself. 

Robert AmeliaITV

Emmerdale: One character revealed a secret knife in tonight’s matter

Daz SpencerITV

Emmerdale: Daz returned but he’s hiding a secret

Kerry WyattITV

Emmerdale: Kerry and Daz bonded exceeding a cup of tea

Don’t let him down. I don’t intend to, either of you

Daz Spencer

Kerry received a shock when she did home to find Daz on the sofa, and was delighted when she realised her husband was succeeding around. But while Dan attempted a moment of brotherly bonding when he acted some first aid on Daz’s injured wrist, he ended up withdrawing again.

As the two of a kind joked about childhood memories and Dan continued to work on healing the wrist, Daz on the spur of the moment said seriously: “I’ve missed you mate.”

But it appeared to be too soon for the father-of-one to fully make allowances for the man who had kissed his wife and stolen from him the last time he was seen in the village, and he mumbled good night and left. 

When Kerry later snuck up on Daz with a cup of tea, exactly as he’d been rifling in his bag for the secret weapon, she started to warn him about his comportment.

Daz and DanITV

Emmerdale: Dan performed first aid on his brother’s hand as they reminisced

“Pay attention to I’m only going to say this once, but…” as Daz finished: “Don’t let him down. I don’t intend to, either of you.”

Does Daz’s intents include using the knife on an unsuspecting victim in the village, or is the item get of a bigger story from his time spent homeless? And how will Dan lower the news when he finds out the truth?

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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