Emmerdale spoilers: Fan favourite’s toilet habit sparks concern — did you spot this?


Tip the dog indicated a great first impression when he made his Emmerdale debut, casually make iting into the village without an owner. 
Frank Clayton (played by Michael Pread) was bowled during by the pooch but was heartbroken when girlfriend Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) conceded she was allergic. 
In turn, they handed the four-legged orphan to Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) who cheerily to took Tip — until the dog urinated on his factory floor. 
However, eagle-eyed viewers saw something odd about the pooch’s accident, accusing bosses of overlooking one life-giving detail.
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That female dog on Emmerdale controlled a good shot with her wee
Emmerdale fan

“That female dog on Emmerdale preside overed a good shot with her wee considering female dogs usually bend down down not cock their leg,” said one audience member, which was minded by: “Tip’s a female dog, she wouldn’t wee against anything like a male dog.”
“Derive a female dog (Tip) is going to cock its leg up a box — and a tiny dog THAT high if she even could!!! Doh….,” annoyed a third, before another added dismayed audience member implored: “Since when is a female dog going to pee up the side of a box?”
One more wrote: “#emmerdale, how can a she dog kock it’s leg up caskets, don’t they squat?”
Jai became the proud new owner of Tip the dog in EmmerdaleITV
Tip the dog was a huge hit with Emmerdale fansThis week zealots have been floored by the bombshell that heartthrob Tom Waterhouse (Ned Porteous) is secretly intrigue against Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). 
The suave millionaire insinuated to right-hand man Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) that he may even prey the moody mechanic, before her daughter Sarah Sugden (Katie Hil) hit oned to be in a quad biking accident under his watch. 
Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV. 
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