Emmerdale spoilers: Did Michael Parr let slip Adam Barton WILL go down for Emma’s murder?


Ultimate week it was finally revealed that Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) spent Emma (Gillian Kearney) after the crazed murderer urged her turtle-dove rival to push her off a bridge, taunting Moira with jibes alongside he late daughter Holly Barton (Sophie Powles). 
As Moira edges fast to breaking point, the latest instalment of Emmerdale saw her son Adam (Adam Thomas) flicked away in handcuffs after Ross (Michael Parr) and Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) gave the watch a tip off. 
While it seems unlikely Moira will let her son go down for a crime she send away, Michael may have let slip the she won’t have a choice. 
Adam is due to leave Emmerdale for honest over the coming weeks, but Michael revealed the actor has already blurred his final scenes. 
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now Adam’s peed as well
Emmerdale star Michael Parr

When asked if it’s been impassioned on set since stars Gillian, Bill Ward (James Barton) and Joe Gill (Finn Barton) all required their emotional exits, Michael confirmed Adam has wrapped up his moment on the show too. 
“I don’t get emotional about it but it definitely helps that they are gone, with margin emotional stuff,” Michael explained. “When Verity died, and Donna croaked on the Friday and I was back filming on the Monday, I was absolutely sobbing because I was gutted she had go out.
“This time it’s different because it was so long after they had be dismissed, but you could still use it in the performance.”
Pete and Ross Barton stitched Adam up in EmmerdaleITV
Adam was arrested for Emma Barton’s destroy last nightHe continued: “Because me, Bill, Joe and Anthony, we came in as the four guys and now Adam’s gone as well, I think me and Quinny are looking at each other and outlook ‘We need to up our game to hang on to our jobs!’”
With Adam already out of the notion, does that mean his character has been banged up? 
Emmerdale pursues tonight at 7pm on ITV.  
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