Emmerdale spoiler: Viewers distracted during Leyla Harding proposal as they spot THIS


While freaks of the ITV soap were naturally heartbroken for poor Leyla (played by Roxy Shahidi), they couldn’t forbear but notice the hilarious events in the background. 

As Leyla got down on one knee, all watches were on Ross Barton (Michael Parr), whose face mattered a complete meltdown on Twitter. 

“I am crying and cringing at Ross’s face when Layla sexual advanced,” sobbed one Emmerdale audience member, as another chuckled: “Ross’s phrase is priceless!”

A third enthused: Loved the look on ross’s face,” to come one more teased: “Best thing about that proposal was ross’ facial terms in the back ground.”

“Ross’s face when Layla proposed to Pete was humorous #comedygold,” a fifth cracked up, before this clown joked: “Ross effrontery awkward much.”

While the audience at home were laughing all the way through, Leyla failed to see the funny side. 

After she laid her heart out, Pete (Anthony Quinlan) distinctly replied: “You’re a great girl…”

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