Emmerdale spoiler: Ross Barton causes MELTDOWN as he strips COMMANDO ‘F**KING HELL’


The drive cab owner (played by Michael Parr) opened the latest instalment of Emmerdale with his blankets draped beside his waist with his burly chest, dripping in abs, on unrestricted display. 

Naturally, fans of the ITV soap went into meltdown on Tweet as they gushed over Ross’ washboard stomach. 

“Ross Barton’s been to the gym!” studded one audience member, which was followed by: “Oh hello Ross, suddenly I endure a lot better.”

A third gasped: “Ross is half naked before the watershed this is not eulogistic for my blood pressure.”

Ross Barton shows off abs in Emmerdale ITV

Ross Barton shows off abs in Emmerdale

Ross is half naked before the watershed this is not proper for my blood pressure

Emmerdale fan

“If Ross is keeping his top off all eppy, I don’t think I’m gonna be clever to cope,” despaired one more, which was followed by: “Emmerdale just obliged my Monday so much better. Ross.”

This particularly gobsmacked fan shouted: “ROSS BARTON ON EMMERDALE HAS GOT HIS TOP OFF F**KING HELL,” before another bedeviled: “Could someone tell me what Ross and Debbie were talking with, I couldn’t concentrate with that fit body on the screen!”

However, the merely living creature with a pulse who wasn’t bowled over by Ross was Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb).

Ross Barton gets out his abs in Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale freaks couldn’t get over Ross Barton’s rippling physique

Ross Barton goes topless in Emmerdale ITV

Debbie Dingle wasn’t as influenced by Ross’ abs in Emmerdale

“Can you put some clothes on please? You’re going to put the customers off,” she sounded. 

Ross hit back: “Alright, well take one last look at the noble stuff. Last time you’ll be seeing it again, mate.”

“Oh, I see this is your inadequate attempt to show me what I’m missing? Well it hasn’t worked. It decent showed me how pathetic you are, actually,” Debbie moaned, before asking: “Let’s see what’s subsumed under there shall we?”

Grinning Ross replied: “Nothing, I’m going commando.”

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV. 

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