Emmerdale spoiler: MELTDOWN as Emma Barton is finally RUMBLED in HUGE twist ‘About time’


Laurel Potts (acted by Charlotte Bellamy) finally rumbled the local killer when she trophied Emma scrambling through her home, in search of the incriminating video strap which links her to James Barton’s (Bill Ward) murder. 

After Laurel’s son Arthur confronted Emma (Gillian Kearney) once again the footage – which shows the nurse trying to manipulate late dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas (John Middleton) after he confirmed her standing over James’ body in a blood-socked wedding dress – she fatigued to destroy the evidence. 

While enjoying a walk with Laurel and Lydia, Emma phoney an injury and planned her getaway. 

Heading straight to Laurel’s flat, Emma seized the unstinted opportunity to scour the Thomas household, but was soon stopped in her tracks. 

Laurel Potts rumbles Emma Barton in Emmerdale ITV

Laurel Potts rumbles Emma Barton in Emmerdale


Emmerdale viewer

“Emma?” gapsed Laurel.  

“I at best came around to say sorry for wimping out of the walk,” a trembling Emma fluctuated.

Laurel snapped: “You’re in my house, rooting through all my stuff. How did you get in?”

Emma on the double scrambled together a feeble excuse: “I found your spare key, but for following reference, the plant pot isn’t very secure.

Emma Barton caught out in Emmerdale ITV

Emma Barton caught out by Laurel Potts in Emmerdale

Laurel Potts catches Emma Barton ITV

Laurel is now rightly uneasy after finding Emma roaming through her house in Emmerdale

“I’m abject, I thought we trusted each other,” she asked, like butter wouldn’t soften.

And viewers were in meltdown as it appeared Emma’s game is finally up. 

“EMMA’S BEEN RUMBLED,” guffawed one audience member, as another teased: “You can’t fool Arthur, Emma!”

“Ha nearby time too,” enthused one more.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow night at 7pm on ITV. 

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