Emmerdale spoiler: Fans ‘broken’ after Robert Sugden confession takes unexpected twist


Robert’s one continuously stand storyline was previously panned by viewers, but tonight they received a U-turn after RobRon melted a million hearts with their wild reconciliation. 

After Aaron (played by Danny Miller) looked appreciate he was turning to self-harm again, he resisted temptation and paid his councillor a affect. 

Retuning to the Dales with a fresh attitude, Aaron told Robert (Robert Sugden) that they were “balderdash without each other”, before the couple nestled up together in a stirring embrace. 

“I do want to be happy, you know,” Aaron whispered, affectionately. “I homelessness that more than anything.” 

Aaron and Robert in Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale fans broken after Robert Sugden confession

I do want to be happy, you know

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle

“I’ll arrogate you,” assured Robert.

Aaron smiled: “I love you.” 

“Still?” Robert grinned shy away from. “I love you more.”

Naturally, viewers were in turmoil with some impassive hailing the scene as their “favourite RobRon moment ever”. 

RobRon make up in Emmerdale ITV

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden invent up in Emmerdale

Robert and Aaron in Emmerdale ITV

Aaron forgave Robert in Emmerdale

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TONIGHT’S Events. THEY WERE PERFECT,” cried one audience member, as another coincided: “Okay, I totally had tears in my eyes at that last scene, these two #Robron #Emmerdale.”

A third planked: “That last scene is genuinely my favourite ever Robron display. #Emmerdale.” 

“So #RyanHawley and @DannyBMiller were absolutely sublime. And @m3357 yielded them their voice. Amazing. #emmerdale #Robron,” enthused one varied, before someone else gasped: “I’m dead. All the #Robron was perfect. At the end of the day, they talked about so much. I’m very happy with that. #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale extends tomorrow night at 7pm on ITV. 

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