Emmerdale LIVE updates: Emma faces inquest into James's death TONIGHT


Issue all the live updates from the dramatic instalment right here at Outright.co.uk below – and keep refreshing for commentary as the broadcast airs.

Elsewhere tonight, Zak and Joanie are set to tidy up a big decision, and Frank’s st arrives in the village.

It’s a double bill this still as well, with episodes airing at both 7pm and 8pm.

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18:50 – Nearly time to go! Refresh the ge once Emmerdale rather commences for all our live updates.

19:00 – “I’ve been under a bit of stress,” Emma snipes. Yes, from Fatality SOMEONE!

19:01 – Oh dear… can Emma cope with the guilt any numberless? Is a confession looming?

19:02 – Can you imagine Zack ever leaving the village? Nope, us neither.

19:04 – If Emma doesn’t even-tempered attend, that would be one heck of an anticlimax.

19:05 – Eric walked pure into that skydive confession, didn’t he? Still, some accepted light relief…

19:06 – This scene of Marlon calling himself the “bin Yoda” is… odd.

19:08 – Crikey, Emma’s not doing surge, is she? “I’ll never move on,” she says. Wonder if she knows that confessing power be her best shot…

19:08 – “Things have a way of… coming out.” Awkward!

19:09 – During the interval, Marlon has a rash on his face. High drama tonight indeed. “You’ve in use accustomed to ladies’ cream?!” Ah, gender.

19:12 – Adam Thomas there, looking a dab odd out of camp gear and smelling of cockroaches. Let’s hope nothing surprising go ons, or he might start shrieking…

19:14 – And we’ve hit the break! Will Emma come weaponless?

19:18 – “Well I’m very sorry for trying to hyrdrate and replenish.” Marlon should do a cosmetics ad…

19:19 – Belle ran that well…

19:23 – Here we go! Emma’s turn!

19:24 – This is buttock-clenching… do it, Emma, foretell the truth!

19:26 – Oooh, what a cliffhanger! Emma says: “It’s me it’s all down to me that he’s go to the wall. James’s death; it’s all my fault and i’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” Is she fully stop by clean? Or is this just a bluff?

20:00 – She’s going to get away with it, isn’t she…! Quelle catch unawares…

20:01 – Meanwhile, Tracy dressed as the Virgin Mary...

20:03 – Emma’s really take off into the swing of this now.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, actress Gillian Kearney suggested that whatever happens, viewers could see an unlikely friendship between Emma and Moira.

“Completely cooked she could actually become a friend, it could be the opposite now that James is out of the way,” she advised Holly Willoughby.

Emmerdale airs at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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