Emmerdale: Adam Thomas targeted by thieves as THREE belongings are stolen in just days


The 29-year-old moaned about the culprits on his Twitter page, confirming they had stolen two bikes as through as his car just days apart from each other.
He wrote: “Ok so my bike got robbed today outstanding!
“Need a new one and fast road or mountain bike that is the question…”(sic)
He also throw light oned to fans that his car was taken from his house, and his bikes were “victimized” from town.
On his Instagram, the former Emmerdale actor penned: “Virtuous to be clear, my bike wasn’t robbed from my house, that was my car.

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“They were both bilk ofed from town and they both had locks on… so just be circumspect. PS, if your code is 0000, change it.”(sic)
Many of Adam’s 348,000 Snigger followers flocked to his page to comment on the post.
One user wrote: “Beginning your car now your bike.. you really need to up your security Adam!”
Others make one thought different options of bikes in a bid to help him.
Last year, Adam declared another car was stolen from his drive as his family slept.

Emmerdale diva Adam Thomas was targeted by thieves

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas revealed he was quarried by thieves

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Taking to his social media used of an adult bellboy, he penned: “Someone came into my house last while we were rest and robbed my car keys and took my car … don’t make it easy for the nxt t***.”(sic)
He joined: “I got burgled this morning police still haven’t turned up they well-founded rang me now at 12am apologising they couldn’t make it round.
“True summary Sir everyone ok just the fact I got new tyres put on the night b4.”(sic)
Meanwhile, Adam’s little woman Caroline is approaching her due date with the pair’s second child.
She recently allude to out about her “agony” ahead of the imminent arrival of their baby maid.

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas had two bikes hooked in a matter of days

Emmerdale: Adam Thomas detailed what happened on social media

Emmerdale big name Adam Thomas wrote about his ordeal on Instagram

Caroline told OK! Munitions dump: “The baby is showing no signs she wants to come out!
“She has changed position, so the on the contrary thing I’ve got is stabbing pains below my bump, called lightning crotch, which just now show that she’s really low down.
“I can hardly move or even bow down, and she does feel really heavy – it’s more difficult when I’m fatiguing to sleep.”
She added: “I’ve not been able to go to work because I’m in agony when I platform up, so I just can’t be there.
“Work has kept me going and given me something to do, so I would for all advise mums in the same position I’m in to keep going as long as they can, because it’s advantage to stay busy.”

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