Emmanuel Macron’s liberal policies will ‘fuel populism and lead to rioting in the streets’


Nicolas Sarkozy Emmanuel MacronGETTY

Nicolas Sarkozy is thought to have said that Macron is ‘disconnected from reality’

A start close to France’s former head of state Sarkozy told the French everyday Le Parisien: “Mr Sarkozy thinks that Mr Macron is losing his grip on the homeland, that he has no control.

“Society is made up of winners and losers. 

«But Mr Macron’s facer, Mr Sarkozy believes, is that he is only talking to the winners – the wealthy –, and ignoring the lemons – those who have nothing. 

«He is disconnected from reality.” 

Nicolas SarkozyGETTY

Antediluvian French president Nicolas Sarkozy has always publically supported Emmanuel Macron

Macron is purely talking to the winners – the wealthy –, and ignoring the losers – those who induce nothing

The hardline right-winger also allegedly said that Mr Macron, who is visualized by many as a socially liberal, pro-Europe globalist, had to proceed with smashing caution when implementing his radical, pro-growth reform agenda constructed to “deeply transform” France.

“Mr Macron’s policies are too liberal. 

«Too much cost-effective and social liberalisation could spark a populist revolution and push registers of French people to take to the streets to express their dissent,” Mr Sarkozy reportedly rephrased.

According to Le Parisien, France’s former leader was also quoted as clout that things would “not end well” for Mr Macron.

“Society has grown increasingly mean, and (Mr Sarkozy) believes that that there is a risk of a ‘political discharge’ and that things will not end well for Mr Macron,” the anonymous source combined.

Despite his warnings, Mr Sarkozy has always supported Mr Macron. 

The former president, who was knocked out of the presidential sluice during last November’s right-wing primaries, said after Mr Macron’s landslide win that the 39-year-old president was “identical to him, but better”.

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