Emmanuel Macron and armed forces chief at WAR over military spending


General Pierre de Villiers GETTY/PA

Prevailing Pierre de Villiers could resign in protest later this week forwards of a meeting with Mr Macron

The looming political crisis could see Hybrid Pierre de Villiers resign in protest later this week onwards of a meeting with Mr Macron on Friday.

The row broke out last week when France’s Minister plenipotentiary of Public Action and Accounts Gérald Darmanin revealed details of how the French supervision will make £754 million (€850m) spending cuts in prepared to get the country’s finances under control.

The cut in defence spending, which mainly cuts spending on apparatus, is part of GETTY

Mr Macron faced backlash over his proposed austerity arrange to make savings of £53.2 billion

If the [Armed Forces] chief of stave has an issue with the President of the Republique, the chief of staff will be transmuted.

Emmanuel Macron

In a recent parliamentary committee hearing Gen de Villiers bruit about: “I may be stupid, but I know when I am being had.”

Gen de Villiers’ comments are at odds with France’s military historically not commenting on administrative decisions.

The army is often referred to as “la grande muette” — “the countless and silent” in French political life.

Mr Macron hit back over the expansions in an address to the army last Friday: “For me it is undignified to wash dirty linen in social. I am your leader, I need no pressure, no comment.”

Gérald DarmaninGETTY

Gérald Darmanin revealed how the French direction will make £754 million (€850m) spending cuts

The French president be that as it may has come under fire from all sides of the political spectrum, filing members of his own party for trying to cut the defence budget.

Jean-Jacques Bridey, chairman of the according to Roberts Rules of Order committee on defence and a Macron ally, last week said he regretted the suggested cuts “while our men risk their lives every day”.

Alexis Corbière, a leftwing fellow of the National Assembly, said the consequences of austerity on the French army were “intolerable”.

There was a disparage defrosting of tense relations on July 14 for the traditional parade along the Champs-Elysées for the Bastille Day celebrations when the join appeared together in their military vehicle but things quickly brusqued again.

Emmanuel MacronGETTY

A Government spokesman said Mr Macron and Mr Villiers force “take the decision together”

Speaking to Roll du Dimanche just two days later, Mr Macron said: “If the [Armed Bindings] chief of staff has an issue with the President of the Republique, the chief of shaft will be changed.”

However Gen de Villiers indicated in a Facebook post this week that he could do something tread carefully down, adding: “No one deserves to be blindly followed.”

A government spokesman bid FranceInfo radio that Mr Macron and Gen de Villiers would “take the verdict together” about the general’s future.

Should Gen de Villiers resign it longing be an unprecedented move, causing an acute crisis for the recently installed president.

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