EMIRATES CHAOS: German hooligans clash with police & fans as Arsenal match is DELAYED


Cologne followers have been filmed fighting with Arsenal fans and visiting havoc outside the stadium just hours after 20,000 supporters marched down Oxford Street.

The German club reportedly however had an allocation of 2,000 tickets for tonight’s Europa League clash, but innumerable than ten times as many fans are believed to have turned up.

Some enthusiasts reportedly bought tickets for the home end and then tried to break into the away department to join the other Cologne supporters.


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The match was delayed by an hour while Arsenal officials tried to peculate control of the situation

Britain’s busiest shopping street was brought to a dead earlier today by thousands of chanting German fans, some of whom walk out oned bottles and set off flares.

Police were forced to step in and stop all shipping to ensure damage and casualties were kept to a minimum.

The clash was delayed until 9.05am because of shelter fears, but Arsenal officials are claiming the game will still go winning.

Met Police say extra officers have arrived at the Emirates. A Spokesman demanded: «A policing plan is in place for the game. Additional officers have been deployed.»



The mate was delayed while officials and fans clashed both inside and demeanour the Emirates

Despite Arsenal saying the situation at the Emirates is now under put down, some fans are still concerned about safety measures. 

Tessa Irwin mean: “Only very small children are currently allowed to be removed. How bad there are 42 storm police by the family enclosure… are you serious???

“They have even been appropriated to watch the football in the family enclosure. There are a few of them a few rows in replace.

“Not quite sure why Arsenal have done this but it looks get a bang they have sold thousands and thousands of tickets to away aficionados and are right by my daughter in the family enclosure.

“How have they compromised the protection of the vulnerable? I am really worried about my daughter now.”

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