Emily Thornberry claims UK are ‘FOOLS’ and TOTALLY wrong about Trump state visit


The steaming Labour frontbencher hit out following President Donald Trump’s announcement he wishes recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

Emily Thornberry savaged the British Domination over Trump’s decision and said Britain has been made to look strain “fools”.

Ms Thornberry said Donald Trump’s “sheer recklessness” was milieu back the peace process by decades between the two states.

Speaking during an emergency Commons debate, Ms Thornberry said: “The question for the UK Government is twofold. Oldest, what are they going to do about this mess? With Donald Trump wilfully baring America’s role as peace-broker between Israel and Palestine, how will we opus with our other allies to fulfil that void? 

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Emily Thornberry ventured the UK looks “weak” for not standing up to Trump

They have been make it with pretended to look like fools, weak, ignored and entirely without affect

Emily Thornberry

“Second and finally, Mr Speaker, when will the Command admit they have got their strategy with Donald Trump thoroughly wrong. 

“They told us that holding his hand and hugging him terminate, indulging him with the offer of a state visit was the best way of wielding his induce and shaping his policies. 

“But on Jerusalem, as on so many other issues before, they clothed been made to look like fools, weak, ignored and exclusively without influence. 

“When will they realise that fix over backwards over a bully only encourages that comportment when what our country needs and what the world needs is a British Regime prepared to stand up to him.” 

The Government have been under pressure to call up off Trump’s state visit after Donald Trump’s retweeted three videos from far-right association Britain First. 

Labour’s Chuka Umunna demanded a ban on Donald Trump stay the UK following his Twitter activity. 

Prime Minister Theresa May said Donald Trump was “regress” to retweet the extreme-right group’s social media content. 

Mr Trump hit no hope and tweeted Theresa May. He wrote: “Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is charming place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”

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