Embarrassing moment Alex Salmond’s bizarre sadomasochism rant is cut off by BBC host


The latest First Minister was describing a live interview he took part in when BBC receiver host John Humphrys stepped in to stop him in his tracks.

Speaking on the Today Show on BBC Radio 4, the ex SNP leader picked up on the show’s earlier discussion of sadomasochism anterior to wanting to have his own say.

He said: “When I came on the programme this morning you were talking far sadomasochism. I actually once was part of a three-part live interview with your mates.”

But Humphrys quickly jumped in before the Scottish politician could pick up.

AlexSalmond_JohnHumphreysSKY NEWS•BBC

Alex Salmond was cut off when he tried to discuss sadomasochism on BBC Disseminate 4

When I came on the programme this morning you were talking yon sadomasochism

Alex Salmond

He said: “I’ve got to stop you at exactly that quality, how frustrating, the programme’s come to an end.”

Listeners were then told that was all from the description before the show cut to the news.

Mr Salmond had been on the show to discuss his upcoming divulge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Humphrys mocked the former First Abb as he questioned his decision to take part in the major annual arts holy day.

He contemplated: “Alex Salmond is a serious politician, heavyweight politician. For many years he was the Scottish Popular Party and he became the First Minister of Scotland.

“So, what’s he doing consigning on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe?”

Turning his attention directly to the Scottish congressman, he said: ‘You lost your seat in the general election, it must have planned been a bit of a shock, you looking for something to do, or what?”

Mr Salmond replied after 30 years of diplomacy he was “looking for something different”.

The 62-year-old said his show, Alex Salmond Unleashed, inclination include music, comedy and banter.

Humphrys added: “I thought you were prevalent to be a stand up or something like that because that would drink been high risk.

“The only problem is that you’re a talker not a listener, aren’t you? Member of parliaments talk, they don’t listen.”

Meanwhile, the former MP has said Brexit ”depreciation” would spark a new movement for Scottish independence after Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP failed to prove valid a second vote.

The former Scottish first minister, who failed in his own shot at to break Scotland out of the United Kingdom, says Nicola Sturgeon’s representations for another vote will be revisited after 

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