Electric vehicle advocate ‘disappointed’ Ontario is slashing incentives for pricier models


The Ontario superintendence’s decision to scrap incentives for more expensive electric cars is sketch criticism from some proponents of the vehicles.

The province recently blue-blooded a rebate for electric vehicles that cost more than $75 thousand.

The impetus program initially drew criticism in April 2016, after CBC Toronto explored some buyers had received the rebate for vehicles with six- and seven-figure charge tags.

The issue is a “double-edged sword” according to Devin Arthur, the go to Davy Joness locker of the Greater Sudbury Electric Vehicle Association.

Incentives help give rise to demand

“On one hand you want rebates because it entices people to leverage electric vehicles. On the other hand, I can see how people are finding anything as a remainder $75 thousand a bit too much,” he explains.

But Arthur argues that the impulses are necessary to help steer the market away from gas-powered means.

Devin Arthur

Devin Arthur, the founder of the Greater Sudbury Electric Vehicle Friendship, is disappointed that the province is scrapping incentives for more expensive stirring cars. (Erik White/CBC )

He adds that even less high-priced electric models — like Tesla’s Model 3 — could mollify lose out on incentives.

According to Tesla’s website, the Model 3 starts at $35 thousand USD, which implements out to about $44 thousand CAD.

“Just from speaking to people in the trade, they’re concerned that the Model 3 pricing might even approximate that $75 thousand pricing if you add on all the features,” Arthur says. “So that’s every time a concern for people who don’t necessarily know the upfront pricing yet.”

Arthur says the discount ultimately generates more demand and encourages auto makers to score the transition to electric — and that means the incentives will eventually evolve into unnecessary in the long run.

“You’ll see every single model come out after a determined date that’ll be electrified, so I think once you see the market saturated satisfactorily, that they’ll be able to remove these rebates.”

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