Election 2017: Trump & Macron congratulate Theresa May & vow to work closely with Britain



Both presidents own maintained their commitment to working with Britain

Mrs May, who is now set to lead a minority regulation backed by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), suffered a intractable night with the Tories losing 13 seats.

Despite involves over Mrs May’s future as Prime Minister, France’s new president Emmanuel Macron chastised Downing Street to offer his best wishes.

A Downing Street spokesman said: «French President Emmanuel Macron apostrophized to congratulate the Prime Minister, and said he was pleased that she would be prolonged to be a close partner.

«They agreed that the strong friendship between our two countries was high-level and would endure.»

The Prime Minister’s spokesman also confirmed that How has the election panned out for the four main parties?


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How has the voting panned out for the four main parties?

Earlier, Mr Trump branded the selection result “GETTY

Trump & May vowed to maintain the ‘sepcial relationship’ when the PM seized the White House

However, Mrs May insisted that, as the leader of the largest festivity in the new parliament, she had a duty to act in the «national interest» and lead the country through the Brexit transactions starting in ten days’ time.

The US President has repeatedly said that he fancies the special relationship between the US and UK governments to continue under his administration.

Mrs May also recently reaffirmed her commitment to go with the US and maintain the special relationship.


Theresa May confirmed she choice be staying on as Prime Minister earlier on Friday

The pair appeared to hit it off when Mrs May fitted the first overseas leader to meet him, during her trip to Washington DC in January. 

But the relationship turned disenchant in May following the Manchester bombing terror attack.

The UK temporarily had to halt stake information with the US after it accused American officials of leaking info on bomber Salman Abedi, 22.

Since then the relationship has been shaped as both countries know that the relationship between America and the UK is of energetic economic importance because the Trump administration continually distances itself from the relaxation of Europe.