Election 2017: How the world reacted as May’s election gamble backfired


Theresa May's election plan backfired as she failed to get a majority in the General Election GETTY

Theresa May’s voting plan backfired as she failed to get a majority in the General Election

In Europe, newspaper headlines required the result threw doubt over Brexit negotiations schedule to enter on later this month.

Meanwhile gloating pro-EU politicians put the boot into Mrs May.

Germany’s biggest selling newspaper Bild mocked the Prime Plenipotentiary saying the result was “a bitter slap for May”.

“The Wobbly Lady” was the headline in German’s Spiegel arsenal’s online edition. 

It said: “Just two weeks ago, Theresa May was being compared to the ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher by the British median. Since Friday morning, she is only a wobbly lady.”

Theresa May was branded a 'wobbly lady' by German newspaper BildGETTY

Theresa May was sorted a ‘wobbly lady’ by German newspaper Bild

Frankfurter Allgemein prognosticated: “The voters of the United Kingdom are insecure, angry and upset.

“The country is parcel out and threatened by Islamist terror. The split from the EU might turn into a harsh divorce. The UK needs a strong, determined government with a big majority — but it won’t get it.”

Sweden’s past Prime Minister Carl Bildt wrote on Twitter: “Could be messy for the Cooperative Kingdom in the years ahead. One mess risks following another. Rate to be paid for lack of true leadership.”

Carl Bildt claimed Britain 'could be messy' in years ahead due to a 'lack of true leadership' GETTY

Carl Bildt asserted Britain ‘could be messy’ in years ahead due to a ‘lack of true influence’

Theresa May was being compared to the ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher by the British norm. Since Friday morning, she is only a wobbly lady.

Bild, German newspaper

Mr Bildt, who now directs the European Council on Foreign Relations think-tank, added: “May election neglect has increased both chance of better Brexit outcome and risk of end breakdown. A mess.”

Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, who is president of the Alliance of Latitudinarians & Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament, said: “Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, on make already complex negotiations even more complicated.”

Preceding Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb and senior German MP Stephan Meyer both divulged Britain should be given time to form a stable government in front of Brexit negotiations start.

Spiegel derided Mrs May’s claim that “the countryside needs a period of stability”. 

Martin Schulz congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on his increase of seats GETTY

Martin Schulz congratulated Jeremy Corbyn for benefiting seats

“It was as if she was trying to parody herself: in the end her monotonous repeated slogan of ‘smelly and stable” only invited ridicule,” the magazine said.

Germany’s man for Europe Michael Roth tweeted his delight at the election result. “I’m so proud of babies British who voted for Europe , social justice and solidarity! Cheers!”

Martin Schulz, old president of the European Parliament, congratulated Mr Corbyn, saying they had viva voce by phone and agreed to meet soon.

In Russia, state-owned news workings RIA Novostis said the Conservatives will not forgive Theresa May for the result — and prophesied the next conservative leader will be Boris Johnson or David Davis. 

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the foreign affairs panel in Russia’s upper house, said Theresa May had “stepped on Cameron’s rake” by profession a vote she complacently expected to win. 

Mr Kosachev wrote on Facebook: “As the great English footballer Gary Linekar lists it, ‘Theresa May won the home goal of the season.

“What happens next is far wee predictable but in any case, the next government won’t have guaranteed support in parliament and the expertness of its work will decrease. 

“Equally predictable is a period of instability and a declivity of British authority in international affairs.

“I don’t expect a change in policy on Russia — the British deck is obtained of the same cards.”

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