Elbit Systems completes first phase of new remote simulation through cloud services


Elbit Approaches has concluded the first phase of development of a new remote simulation by connecting two air filing simulators through a cloud-based simulation environment using a common ersatz natural environment (SNE).

Using standard protocols, Elbit Systems can connector simulators through a secure simulation cloud in order to provide simulation and data services. Different training devices can be connected within the same artificial environment.

This project also highlighted the utility of next-generation cloud-based simulation.

“We want continue to invest in this next-generation training, which we see as an integral renounce of the training capability of the future for our customers.”

Elbit Systems aerospace group general manager Yoram Shmuely said: “We will continue to venture in this next-generation training, which we see as an integral part of the training power of the future for our customers.”

Elbit Systems’ new air training solution was developed leveraging on a analyse and development (R&D) project, funded by a customer.

The company further noted that its new power enables a ‘commonality of services’ wherein connected trainers use common worship armies and standard protocols to obtain services from the secure cloud by tricky the simulation federation environment.

This capability allows two devices to interact within the secluded cloud-based synthetic environment in real-time besides a role player rank.

Image: Elbit Systems’ remote simulation through cloud advantages demonstration. Photo: courtesy of Elbit Systems.

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