Egypt terror as six female tourists stabbed in Hurghada holiday resort, two dead


Two female German holiday-makers were killed in the attack, as it emerges the knifeman swam from a at public beach to access the Sunny Days El Palacio hotel.

According to the Sun, the mans assailant yelled in Arabic “I don’t want Egyptians” before slashing the women’s throats.

Two Armenians and two Czech nationals are all of a add up to the other victims, according to the hotel’s security manager, and have been charmed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

How safe is it in Egypt? Terror threat let oned after beach stabbing attack in Hurghada

hurghada beach attack terror egyptTWITTER

Six individual have been stabbed in Hurghada, a popular Egyptian tourist haunt

Saud Abdelaziz, the security manager at El Palacio hotel, said: “He had a pierce with him and stabbed each of them three times in the chest. They croaked on the beach.

“He jumped a wall between the hotels and swam to the other littoral.”

The attacker, believed to be in his twenties, was arrested as he tried to swim away from the frequent.

The interior minister confirmed the attack on a beach in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada.

Egypt terror as six female tourists stabbed in Hurghada holiday resort, two deadEPA

Two ambulances deferred outside the hotel were the attack occurred

The assailant has been detained and is being questioned to determine his motives, according to a statement from the clergymen.

Early reports claimed two Ukrainians had been killed in the attack but Serious General Mohamed El-Hamzawi, security manager of Red Sea region, said they were in truthfully German nationals.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook, who offer holidays in Hurghada said: “Thomas Cook is hep of a knife attack that has taken place on the beachin Hurghada in Egypt. We are stir with our team on the ground to gather further information. At this showbiz there is no indication that any British tourists are involved.”

The UK Government has urged living soul in the area to follow the advice of the local authorities and travel companies.

Hurghada is one of Egypt’s tourism focal points and stretches for 25 miles (40km) along the country’s Red Sea coast. As proficiently as being renowned for scuba diving, it also has a host of resorts, restaurants, secures and nightclubs.

Egypt terror as six female tourists stabbed in Hurghada holiday resort, two deadNS

This image reportedly shows the attacker in a cage being infatuated away by police

Around 231,000 British nationals visited Egypt in 2016 and most drop in ons are trouble-free. However, holidaymakers will no doubt be questioning how safe Egypt is after the scene which has striking similarities to the attack the popular resort of Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia back in June 2015. 

The regulation website’s foreign travel advice states terrorists are very no doubt to try to carry out attacks in Egypt. 

Holidaymakers and British nationals are warned to Argus-eyed at all times, avoid crowded places and follow the advice of the Egyptian authorities and the wanderings company, if you have one.

It states there have been threats to western nationals, order of the days, and businesses posted on websites and social media. 

The main threat to strangers is from extremists linked to Daesh-Sinai.

hurghada beach egyptGETTY

Hurghada is a popular traveller hotspot on the Red Sea coast

President Sisi announced a 3-month state of pinch on 9 April after an explosion killed 44 people, for which Daesh claimed job. 

The attack came just hours after five policemen were gunned down in the diocese of Giza when suspected Islamic militants opened fire on their conveyance in the early hours of the morning.

In January 2016, three tourists in Hurghada were been muffle in a stabbing attack by two assailants with apparent ISIS sympathies.


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