Egg prices set to soar: A-list endorsement could see COST rise rapidly for Brits


For the in research shows that endorsements by celebrities and health experts should prefer to helped boost sales of eggs which are increasingly seen as faction of a healthy diet. 

Commodity analysts Mintec says that wholesale egg tolls fell by almost 30per cent from January to October 2016 after enlarged industry investment boosted productivity.

From the first to the third locale of the year, UK packing stations produced 21.6 million cases of eggs – an enlargement of 4per cent year on year. 

But Mintec says that prices would rather been rising again since November 2016 driven by an flourish in domestic consumption. 

A spokesman told trade magazine The Grocer: “In October, UK egg transactions increased 9per cent year on year, accounting for an extra 40 million sold eggs, mostly assigned to more eggs being used as part of a healthy diet.”

The Grocer broke: “UK egg prices are bouncing back as demand surges among health-conscious Brits.”

The detonation shows that UK egg wholesale prices at the end of December where 5.8per cent boisterous than the level at the end of October.

EU egg prices are rising even faster – up 16per cent since November as a issue of strong demand and lower production.

Outbreaks of bird flu in Europe at the end of definitive year have resulted in lower egg layer numbers which is presumed to drive an 8per cent year-on-year drop in EU egg production in the first quarter of 2017. 

Insistence for eggs is expected to continue rising in 2017 according to the British Egg Enterprise Council, which is shelling out another £1 million on a celebrity-led compete to highlight the benefits of eggs. 

BEIC chairman Andrew Joret affirmed: “The impact of both celebrities and health experts recommending eggs as play a part of a healthy diet has certainly played an important part in helping to snowball the number of eggs eaten in the UK. 

“The FSA’s anticipated recommendation that pregnant bit of fluffs, babies and older people can enjoy runny eggs once numerous, as long as they are British Lion, suggests that the egg industry should look before to 2017 with a great deal of optimism and excitement too.”

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