Effective immediately, WestJet Airlines chief executive Gregg Saretsky retires


WestJet Airlines Ltd. reveals chief executive Gregg Saretsky is retiring effective Thursday.

Saretsky juxtaposed WestJet in June 2009 as vice-president, WestJet Vacations, and became chief overseer in March 2010.

Under Saretsky’s leadership, WestJet nearly doubled its expeditious, launched WestJet Encore and started service to Europe.

The airline phrases he is being replaced by Ed Sims, WestJet’s current executive vice-president commercial, who has also been chose to the airline’s board of directors.

Robert Kokonis, the president and managing principal of aviation consultant firm AirTrav, says Saretsky did a good job information WestJet through big changes, but speculates the growing complexity of WestJet could fool been a factor in the management changes. 

«There’s been a lot of growth subsumed under Gregg. Share price has gone up 60 per cent, but perhaps there’s numerous complex challenges coming down the road and the board felt it was lifetime to make a change,» he said. 

Kokonis says some stock analysts who attend the company have shown concern over the «deviation from the pathway of low-cost carter to being a multiple division, go everywhere, be everything carrier.»

He says he’s not disconcerted to see Sims take the top spot, but was surprised at the timing of the announcement. 

It could neutral be that Saretsky was ready to leave, he said. 

Sims joined WestJet in May 2017 after suit as CEO of Airways, New Zealand’s air navigation service provider.

He also had held chief positions with Tui, Thomas Cook, Virgin Groups and Air New Zealand.

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