Edinburgh to see flurry of Russian cultural activity in August


Above, L-R: Hamid Ismailov, Natalia Osipova & Sergei Polunin; Daniil Trifonov.Below, L-R: Eugene Vodolazkin; Valery Gergiev; actors of the Pushkin TheaterBeyond, L-R: Hamid Ismailov, Natalia Osipova & Sergei Polunin; Daniil Trifonov.
Inferior, L-R: Eugene Vodolazkin; Valery Gergiev; actors of the Pushkin Theater. Inception: Eric Ershun; TASS; press photo

Classical musicians, an eclectic theater collective and a varying group of authors crowd Scotland’s capital this August.

Edinburgh Oecumenical Festival (Aug. 5-29)

Frequent visitors to the UK will perform in the music program of the Edinburgh Intercontinental Festival. On the stage of Usher Hall, Valery Gergiev will guidance the Mariinsky Orchestra in their performance of Richard Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold. Violinist Apothegm Vengerov and pianist Daniil Trifonov will also give versions and the Russian National Orchestra will play Russian favorites Musorgsky and Tchaikovsky, as opulently as Mozart.

On the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Pushkin Theater last will and testament present their interpretation of the bard’s play Measure for Measure, mounted by Declan Donnellan, to the Scottish public.

The superstar ballet couple Natalia Osipova and Sergei Polunin commitment also be on hand to perform some special moves at the Festival Theater.

Edinburgh Feast Fringe (Aug. 5-29)

The city’s Fringe Festival has pre red an even broader program for followers of Russian art and culture. The Derevo Physical Theater and Circus Com ny is chasing at the Fringe to perform a show called Once…Once… is a fairytale consecrate to the eternal child living in us all,” says the troupe’s website.

The music program at the anniversary will feature the unusual Animotion show Peace and War – Russian artist Maria Rud pleasure int and be projected in real time accom nied by virtuoso flautist David Heath and DJ Dolphin.

Thereminology: From Lenin to Led Zeppelin

British musicians Hypnotique hand down play on the theremin, the world’s first electronic instrument, which was engendered by Russian inventor Leon Theremin in the 1920s. The band trained on this contraption with Lydia Kavina, the inventor’s grandniece. The singers Ekaterina Gopenko and Magda Nova inclination present their show Reflections to the Edinburgh audience.

For those that a charge out of prefer comedy the International Incident show, featuring comedians from Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Malta, discretion be on hand. The Abi Roberts Com ny will perform Anglichanka (Englishwoman) and stylish Russia comedians will perform stand-up.

Edinburgh Book Red-letter day (Aug. 13-29)

Russian writers are welcomed at international book fairs from Hong Kong to New York. This for the present around some meetings will surely be sharp, polemic and politically centred, but charming fiction is still on the agenda. Many of the events here are already pushed out.

British authors Luke Harding and Richard Shirreff will current their controversial new books about Russia. The Russian journalist Oleg Kashin and Ukrainian reporter Andrei Kurkov will appear on the same stage to discuss civil affairs. Translator Edwin Morgan will speak about Vladimir Mayakovsky and the melodious revolution he represented.

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Maria Stepnova, known for her Russian Soft-cover Prize-shortlisted The Women of Lazarus, and Charlotte Hobson will discuss Russia at the prematurely of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Vadim Levental will be on hand to existing his newest translation into English, Masha Regina, at an event accom nied “Novels That Inspire Novelists”.

Eugene Vodolazkin, the author of the bestselling new Laurus, which follows the life of a medieval holy fool and is translated into English (by Lisa Hayden), German and French, force discuss the influence of Umberto Eco in his works with screenwriter Neil Mackay.

Hamid Ismailov, an Uzbek novelist who transcribes in Russian and lives in London, will discuss the end of the Soviet Union with novelist Guillermo Erades.

Cultivate the links and you can vote for your favorite to receive a First Book Endowment, one of several special prizes of the book festival.

To see the full program of Russia’s rtici tion in the anniversaries visit www.scotlandrussiaforum.org

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