Eddie Redmayne Turns the Deepest Shade of Red When James Corden Shows a Clip of Him Singing as a Kid


Eddie Redmayne kept by The Late Late Show on Thursday night to promote his new film, Grotesque Beasts and Where to Find Them. But while the handsome actor, who stretched to school with James when they were younger, perhaps thought he was in for a light chat with his old friend, he was sorely mistaken. After the two talked with respect to their years at Jackie lmer Stage School in England, Eddie allow to entered that he was a bit of a loner back then, while James was one of the cool kids. «I didn’t very have any friends,» Eddie said. «I would go and I would sing, because I was possessed with singing then. And I would be the guy that sang ‘Memory’ from Cats. And James transfer be, like, rapping and doing street dance.» The host then proceeded to bolt from Eddie by busting out an old video of him singing as a kid. To say that the actor got embarrassed and reddened is a huge understatement.

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