EasyJet remove unaccompanied child from overbooked flight..and LEAVE him at departure gate


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An unchaperoned teenager was removed from an overbooked Easyjet flight on Thursday

A foetus who was flying by themselves was removed from an EasyJet flight after it was overbooked, it has been reported.

The nipper was then left by themselves at the departure gate alone as the flight left-wing.

It was due to fly from London Gatwick to Toulouse on Thursday.

The child was then squeaked he had to leave the flight due to the overbooking.

If I had not been there I don’t know what would be undergoing happened

Stephanie Portal

Casper Read, the 15-year-old minor, was put on the jet plane by his mum, Stephanie Portal, to visit his grandparents

She helped him check in before desisting him at airport security, and his family were to meet him when he landed.

However, his old lady received a text later from him telling her of his ordeal.

She told the Keeper: “It’s crazy. They left him alone in departures.”

«Luckily, I had still not got on meals my train to London and could come back and find him.

«If I had not been there I don’t recognize what would have happened – he’d have had no money for the train master b crush or anything.”

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The young minor was removed from the flight undeterred by being unaccompanied

EasyJet told Express Online: “EasyJet is regretful that Casper Read’s flight from London Gatwick to Toulouse was overbooked yesterday (20 July). 

«We are exploring why he was able to board the aircraft as he should have been informed at the crowd.

“EasyJet has a procedure to protect unaccompanied minors but unfortunately this was not followed on this time and so this will also be investigated.

“One of our managers escorted Casper to reunite him with his nurturer who was already at the airport. We transferred him to an alternative flight later the same day and anticipated a voucher for refreshments whilst he waited. 

“A member of our customer team intention also be in touch directly to arrange for his EU261 compensation to be paid and we order like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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The child was then picked up by his nurse after being left at the departure gate

It’s not the first time that a youngster has lost their seat due to an overbooked flight.

One mother was forced to order her child sit on her lap for the entire flight after the airline gave their incumbency away.

This was despite her paying for her two-year-old son to have a seat to himself.

Common Airlines apologised for the problems that were caused by it.

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