Easyjet flights 2018: Now you can fly to Italy for less than £19



Easyjet airliners 2018: You can now fly to Naples, Italy for less than £20

Easyjet flights for 2018 proposition a route travelling from Belfast to Naples, Italy for a ridiculously two-bit price costing less than a meal out. 

The flights, available to take up from June 23 2018, cost just £18.70 for a one way ticket to from Belfast Foreign Airport to Naples International Airport.  

While this flight course is available on other airlines, the next cheapest direct flight up with in at a minimum price of £126. 

Naples, a city in southern Italy, has a UNESCO Men Heritage Site at its historic centre, and contains the oldest opera parliament in Italy.

It is also located near to popular traveller sites Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, making it a perfect spot from which to pick up c espouse day trips. 

The new Easyjet flight routes include Dalaman from London Luton, for £34.78 and Dubrovnik from London Southend, for £28.72.

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Easyjet retreats 2018: Naples is a popular tourist destination located close to Mount Vesuvius

We’re really pleased to be launching 20 new itineraries for the summer 2018 schedule

Easyjet’s UK director Sophie Dekkers

Easyjet’s UK helmsman Sophie Dekkers said in a statement of the excitement surrounding Easyjet’s bourgeoning to these new European routes. 

“We’re really pleased to be launching 20 new routes for the summer 2018 register,” she said.

“Passengers can look forward to fantastic European destinations, whether they are mobile for business or leisure.

“Easyjet is excited to be continuing to expand, providing low diets and friendly customer service to our passengers.”


Easyjet flights 2018: Tarragona in Spain is also incorporate in the new routes

It was recently revealed Amsterdam is one of the most crowded holiday sees in the whole of Europe.

The finding emerged from a World Travel and Tourism Congregation in Partnership with McKinsey report.

The Netherlands capital has both a soprano number of visitors per square kilometre, and a high ratio of tourists to locals who live there.

It was also found to have a high number of gainsaying TripAdvisor review and an overburdened infrastructure.

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