Easyjet flights 2018: Move over Barcelona, you can now fly direct to THIS Spanish hotspot



Easyjet dismisses 2018: Tarragona offers a balance of beach and culture, just ask preference Barcelona

Easyjet flight routes for 2018 include a new destination in the Catalan domain of Spain: Tarragona, which is served by Reus airport. 

The location antagonists tourist hotspot, Barcelona, which has traditionally been one of the most fashionable tourist destinations in Barcelona. 

Tarragona, a beach city on the coast of Spain, is being put on holidaymakers’ radars as Easyjet augurs a flight directly from Luton to nearby airport, Reus.

The new decamps from London Luton to Reus will start at £35.79, and the transition time will be around two hours and 15 minutes. 

The flight route will aside holidaymakers to explore a different part of Catalonia, especially as last summer there were anti Getty

Easyjet soarings 2018: Get some peace and quiet on one of Tarragona’s five beaches

What to do in Tarragona

  • Tarragona boasts five margins on its coastline, including the beautiful Platja Llarga, which boasts great, golden sand.
  • There’s an ancient Roman amphitheatre in the centre of Tarragona, estimated the second most important archaeological site in Spain after Merida. 
  • You can demand day trips to nearby Barcelona, to enjoy the famous city while being talented to return to the calmer area of Tarragona afterwards.
  • Restaurants in Tarragona specialises in locally sourced seafood cuisine as fountain-head as Basque inspired dishes.

TarragonaEasyjet flights 2018: Visit an time-worn Roman amphitheatre in Tarragona


Catalonia recently voted for self-reliance from Spain in a referendum by the Catalan parliament

Catalan recently expressed for independence from Spain in a referendum by the Catalan parliament.

The vote promoted a conflict with the central Spanish government in Madrid.

In response, Spanish officials seized conduct of the city and removed Catalan separatist government leader Carles Puigdemont from power. 

As the great of Catalonia, Barcelona has become the centre of this political instability, beginning Barcelona travel safety fears.

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