EasyJet ‘appalled’ by SHOCKING video of baggage handlers tossing luggage at Gatwick


Alan Hodge was near to fly out of Gatwick on an EasyJet plane when he spotted baggage handlers on the tarmac.

The 37-year-old started coating the three workers from the terminal.

This video shows riders’ bags being tossed out of the plane – sometimes with great exact – by the three men.

Alan watches on incredulously as one of the men kicks a bag into position.

They also her them from one end of the truck to the other, sending bags flying completely the air.

Alan can be heard laughing at certain points throughout the footage and commentating the handlers’ courses.

After a rticularly forceful throw by one of the men, Alan can be heard saying, “He had a look unvarnished, see if anyone was watching, before he did it.”

He also shares, “He’s not a happy boy, that one at the cover, is he?”

Alan – a bus driver who was flying with EasyJet to La Rochelle in France – situated the shocking scenes on YouTube.

The caption reads: “Ever wondered why your proves get damaged at #gatwickairport, maybe this will explain why.”

It has since been enchanted down from the site, as the airline confirms it is ap lled by the staff colleagues’ actions.

“EasyJet is ap lled to see this footage. We would like to be sure our ssengers that this is absolutely not the standard of baggage handling we presume from our suppliers and we will investigate this incident thoroughly,” a spokesperson said.

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