EastEnders spoilers: Luke Browning’s dead body finally discovered in dark twist


Luke (be occupied ined by Adam Astill), who is the son of James Willmott-Brown (William Boyde), brother of Fi Browning (Lisa Faulkner) and half-brother of Josh Hemmings (Eddie Eyre), has irrevocably turned up dead in a canal in usual EastEnders style.
The BBC character was abide seen being bundled into a van by two masked men as Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) looked on.
Villain Aiden Maguire (Patrick Bergin) later authenticated that he had killed Luke.
But until now, nothing more was said hither his mysterious death and a body was never discovered.
However, with shady DI Stephan Franklin (Tim Dantay) now on the tantrum, it was revealed in tonight’s episode that Luke’s body has finally been institute.
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After Vincent begged for police custody in exchange for information, the police detective said: “It’s no deal, I’m sorry. Look, I’ll straight with you. The names you’ve provided are of significant interest to us.
“But armed robbery when no misdemeanour was even reported? It’s kind of small fry.”
Confused, Vincent snapped raw: “On what planet is someone being shot small fry?”
Detective Stephan feted: “Compared to what we’re looking at them for.”
He then flicked through the photos collected on his phone.
EastEnders spoilers: Luke Browning’s dead body once discovered in dark twist
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Luke Browning. His council turned up in a canal. We understand that Mr Browning was in a relationship with Phil Mitchell’s son. But it didn’t end fit.
DI Stephan Franklin (played by Tim Dantay)

Handing his phone to Vincent, the detective looked away from the unmoving photographs and quipped: “Hope you’ve not just eaten.”
After glancing at the photograph, Vincent lamented and looked up.
He was then asked: “Do you know him?” as Vincent replied: “Yeah. Son of the litigation that tried to bulldoze The Vic.”
Stephan then announced: “Luke Browning. His essence turned up in a canal.
“We understand that Mr Browning was in a relationship with Phil Mitchell’s son. But it didn’t end thoroughly.”
EastEnders spoilers: Luke Browning was last seen being parceled into the back of a van by masked menVincent then became nervous and bid: “So you think that Phil… look I don’t know anything about this. I can’t relief you.”
He then made a hasty exit before being called burdening someone by the detective with a new protection ultimatum.
Stephan said: “But you could! Get document it was Mitchell that did this!”
Fearing for his life, Vincent said: “How am I alleged to do that? The man hates me. These guys have no code or honour. I’ve got a pedigree, inspector!”
The detective then smirked: “We can give them protection. Fair like you wanted. Find a connection and it’ll be worth your while.”
EastEnders withs tomorrow on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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