EastEnders spoilers: Judith Murray unleashes cruel twist sparking Ted’s EXIT


Ted Murray (played by Christopher Timothy) was left broken-hearted after his wife Joyce (Maggie Steed) died in her sleep in keep on week’s EastEnders.
Struggling to come to terms with the sudden cessation of his wife Joyce, Ted was seen to phone daughter Judith (Emma Entrant) last night to let her know about Joyce’s passing.
However, it now appears that there will be more than one character exit as Ted looks set to be stiff out of Walford.
The final scene in tonight’s episode saw Judith make a natty phone call.
Looking directly at Ted’s home, Judith quipped: “No, I haven’t mutated my mind.
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No, I haven’t changed my unsure. The sooner he’s in a care home, the better!
Judith Murray (played by Emma Competitor)

“The sooner he’s in a care home, the better!”
Could this money-grubbing that Ted is booted out of Walford and Judith claims the flat?
Tonight’s affair saw Judith trying to state that Ted couldn’t cope on his own after get out-of-date milk in his fridge along with wearing his jumper in jail out.
Judith has a very strained relationship with her father, and Ted is set to be put under undisturbed more strain in the upcoming episodes.
The new arrival caused fireworks after Judith accused Ted of being a bad hubby and father.
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She was far from impressed when she found out that he had been give ones undivided attention out with Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) playing chess as opposed to of spending time with his two grandchildren.
However, a BBC source said that viewers choice see “more of Ted”.
The BBC source explained: “Joyce’s time on the Square has been a outline one.
“After her death, Ted will come out of his shell a bit and viewers will see more of him.
“His and Joyce’s daughter Judith wishes come into play and will be involved in new storylines with the Taylor dearest.”

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Be a fan Joyce’s death, Ted seemed oblivious and didn’t find out about her keenness until hours later.
It comes as viewers watched Joyce’s tedious arm hang out of bed after she died in her sleep on Friday, before being certified on screen after Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) tried to wake her.
Joyce’s liquidation came as a surprise after only arriving in Albert Square in May 2017.
It has been bedeviled that Judith will want to take control of the funeral operations and cause chaos for Ted.
Ted has struggled to be in the house he shared with Joyce watch her death as her belongings covered the entire living room.
EastEnders extends this Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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