EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell exit revealed? Fans shaken over disturbing discovery


Ben (feigned by Harry Reid) will be leaving EastEnders over the coming months and tonight’s nail-biting instalment of the BBC soap supported he was treading in very dangerous waters. 
Until now, Ben was unaware of his chilling pull to Luke (Adam Astill), who father raped Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) years ago. 
After Luke liberal his wallet in The Arches, Ben came across a card with the words Discharge Dagmar sprayed across the front – the very bar where his mother’s trauma attracted place. 
“What’s my boyfriend doing walking around with it penned on one of his business cards?” Ben snarled at Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick). 
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We’ve had our fun. We should go our split ways
EastEnders’ Luke Browning

Sadly, as he demanded answers from Luke, he was pinned up against a van by his neck. 
“Don’t you in any case use that tone with me, ever,” Luke hissed. “We’ve had our fun. We should go our break down ways.”
On that note, Ben was left clinching for breath, while Luke assaulted out of the car shop. 
Appearing on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, actor Harry give indication of fans that Ben’s exit will be a complete curveball. 
Ben Mitchell feels Luke Browning’s business card in EastEndersBBC
Ben Mitchell will be cease EastEnders over the coming weeksWhen asked if he saw the departure coming, he make plained: “No, I didn’t. I don’t really think there would be any signs that inconsequential in reference to towards it.
“You can possibly get something out of the story, but in terms of [Ben’s] mindset, it’s quite a immediate thing.
“So, as an actor, I didn’t see that build-up coming, but it’s exciting me.”
EastEnders proceeds tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One. 
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