EastEnders spoiler: Worst fears REVEALED for Louise Mitchell as twist takes harrowing turn


The BBC soap’s non-stop bullying storyline went to its deepest darkest depths in EastEnders yet as Alexandria and Madison engage in battled Louise at her prom. 

After being crowned the “most beautiful combine” with boyfriend Travis, the pair went backstage for a candlelit strike. 

Travis had prepared a romantic hideout for Louise, inspired by her favourite film, Baz Luhrman’s Romeo & Juliet. 

At any rate, after planning their sick games from afar, Alexandria and Madison boomed the party.

Louise Mitchell feared dead in EastEnders BBC

Louise Mitchell feared total in EastEnders

What’s so wrong with your sad little lives that you’ve got to try and fossil everyone else’s

Louise Mitchell in Eastenders

“What’s so wrong with your sad scant lives that you’ve got to try and ruin everyone else’s?” Louise fumed. “You condign can’t stand it, can you? Anyone else being happy. 

“This is your tenet of having a fun time? Following me and Travis around?” 

She went on: “Where’s all them fit blokes you store telling us about, hey? All them cool mates you’re always supposed to be conditional on be ashamed about with. They’re up here, in your stupid little managing directors. 

Louise Mitchell attacked in EastEnders BBC

Louise Mitchell attacked by Madison and Alexandria in EastEnders

Louise confronts the bullies in EastEndersBBC

Louise heroically confronted her bullies in EastEnders

“It’s piteous. You are pathetic.” 

Louise’s triumphant stance soon turned into a nightmare still, as Madison pushed her into a bed of candles, before the fire alarm pealed through the school hall and the entire building was evacuated. 

Even if Louise endures the attack, it’s believed she could end up scarred from the flames, leaving her scarred in another harrowing twist. 

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One. 

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