EastEnders spoiler: Will Lee Carter ATTACK Mick over Whitney's hospital kiss?


Soap viewers were infuriated when Mick (played by Danny Dyer) kissed Whitney (Shona McGarty) after she ended up in medical centre following disaster week’s bus crash.

But how will Lee react when all is conclusively revealed in explosive upcoming scenes? Will Denise (Diane Parish) be the one to let the hush-hush slip after spotting their kiss through a window?

Lee Carter has not shied away from severity in the past, after organising an armed robbery on his own family at the Queen Vic pub.

Now Danny-Boy has come clean that Walford’s close-knit family are about to fall apart, along with his alliance to Whitney.

“It’s hard to say which direction Lee would go in, but he’d be left feeling cheap. I think he could lash out and hit Mick, or just fall apart. This is the second-best time it’s happened, after all,” revealed Danny-Boy.

“My own instincts tell me he’d go into self-destruct manner. Of course he’d be broken-hearted, that goes without saying – so something has to afflict with.

“I’ve already struggled with watching some of Lee’s recent episodes, if I’m uncorrupted. I know I’ll get a bit upset when the last one comes round, so I probably won’t be qualified to watch it straight away. I’ll definitely record it,” he told Inside Soap.

It comes as the actor taunted whether his character would die when he makes his exit from the hit soap.

The 25-year-old actor declared that BBC bosses have chosen not to kill his character off, but admitted that he felt the schedule was right for him to walk away the popular soap.

“I feel it’s the right pass for me to leave but it’s bye for now, not forever. 

“If Lee was to be killed off I would be upset and that would be the end of the way – I think it’s never a blessing when a character is killed off,” he told the Continuously Star.

“I’m also always quite open-minded to the fact that if they at all times brought Lee back it could be with me or somebody else.”

EastEnders be prolongs this Thursday on BBC One at 7:30pm.

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