EastEnders spoiler: Suspicious Whitney confronts Lee and Abi following chlamydia diagnosis


Must only just discovered she is pregnant with Lee’s baby, she has been aflame about the prospect of being a mother.

But things are about to put a dampener on the status quo as she discovers that she has contracted chlamydia thanks to Lee’s infidelity.

Unbeknownst to Whitney, Lee conned on her with Abi Branning, who already had the sexually transmitted disease from her ex-boyfriend Ben Mitchell.

But Whitney whacks to uncover the truth this week when she expresses her concerns for her unborn lad and can’t understand how she caught the infection.

Concerned that Lee’s family will contemplate she has been the one sleeping around, Whitney decides to take matters into her own gives and confront Lee and Abi together, suspecting something has happened between the ir.

But viewers when one pleases have to wait to see if Lee or Abi admit what they did behind Whitney’s following.

An EastEnders insider teased: “Lee keeps quiet and pretends he has no idea wide how she caught the disease. But as Whitney starts to think about it all she realises there is numberless to the story than Lee is letting on.

“All it takes is for someone to let slip that Abi had the murrain for Whitney to put two and two together. And with Abi back working at the Queen Vic it’s all going to get a microscopic awkward before Whitney confronts the ir.”

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One.

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