EastEnders: FIRST EVER soap advert from 1985 released by BBC Archive


The throwback video productions the teaser for the programme when the soap made its debut on BBC One.

«#Onthisday 1985: EastEnders go for its debut. Here’s how would-be viewers got their introduction to the world of Walford,» the BBC Archive account shored on the show’s 32nd birthday.

In the clip, the booming continuity announcer can be heard usher ining the footage, saying: «The EastEnders are coming soon to BBC One.»

The first pair on telly are Den Watts (played by Leslie Grantham) and Angie (Anita Dobson) desert into the Queen Victoria pub together.

Debbie Wilkins (Shirley Cheriton) can then be considered standing outside her home, speaking to the camera: «Hello, this is my gratis, the blue one. I live here with Andy. He calls me Debs.»

The camera then disregards to Bridge Street, the home of the recent bus crash disaster, where Pete Beale (Peter Dean) can be digged with his wife Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and son Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Pete reports: «Alright? We’ve got this stall on the corner of Bridge Street market. This is my little woman Kathy. This is my boy Ian.»

Following a new shot of Albert Square, Tony Carpenter (Oscar James) can be seen order in front of a dilapidated house with his son Kelvin (Paul J. Medford), demand: «This is my house, and I’m doing it up with my son.»

«Coming soon to BBC One, the EastEnders. Tuesdays and Thursdays at seven o’clock,» the voiceover concludes as the unreserved cast assemble outside the famous pub.

In follow up teaser trailers, the sportscaster can be heard to say: «In the Queen Victoria, gossip and intrigue are high on the daily record of events.»

Fans of the hit BBC show reminisced at watching the very first episdoe second in 1985, and how much the show has changed.

One viewer laughed: «‘I subsist in the blue house’ Haha, this is awful!» as another posted: «Old-time ‘Nders was a joy to watch. Den & Angie. TV GOLD!»

A third asked: «Is this where the Balamory performance team got the idea for the Intro scene where the characters are introduced in their own paint houses? lol.»

«They live in £600k-700+ houses.. and yet can’t afford rippling machines.. always found that strange 😉 .. they should convey back pete, for a laugh.. and he can have a go at Ian for wanting to be a chef, just be the old days,» posted another.

A fifth posted: «I wish the continuity weathermen still sounded like that.»

EastEnders continues this Tuesday on BBC One at 7:30pm.

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