EastEnders: Almost seven million tune in to watch Peggy Mitchell's final episode


Some 6.9 million viewers saw the previous Old Vic landlady’s last episode, peaking at 8 million – with a 37 per cent audience divide up on Tuesday night.

Peggy, played by Dame Barbara Windsor, took an overdose after escape from the news to son Grant (Ross Kemp) that her cancer had returned and enchanted a “proper grip” on her.

In a poignant final scene, after smelling cigarette smoke from one end to the other of the episode, Peggy hallucinated the return of her former love rival-turned-friend t Liquidate ( m St Clement).

Speaking to her friend, who ssed away in the soap from cancer in 2012, Peggy bring to light: “I’m being eaten alive and it hurts and I can’t wait.

“I don’t want that to be me, I don’t necessity to be that little old lady in the bed, with people saying, ‘Reminisce over her? Peggy Mitchell? She’s all skin and bones’.“

She continued: “I will go as I have survived: straight back, head high, like a queen.”

The ghost t remained with Peggy as she took a few of pills alone, with the camera nning over letters communistic to her children before a clock stopped to indicate the end of the Square’s most light-hearted, loved and enduring residents.

Earlier in the episode, viewers had watched Peggy believe one final trip to her former pub where sons Grant and Phil (Steve McFadden) shotted to convince her to not go through with her suicide.

Peggy reasoned with them, reveal: “It’s in my bones and it’s in my brain and I’m not going to get any better. I hurt.

“I’m not able to hold onto myself. I’m rt with myself. All my thoughts, they slip through my brain like salt water.“

Phil replied: “You making out it’s romantic and easy and simple. It’s not just break away off to sleep. It’s horrible. It’s terrible and it’s cruel.

“It’s our turn to look after you.”

Contribution was seen leaving the Square to return to Portugal after a heart-to-heart with Phil relating to his liver cirrhosis, both sons wrongly convinced they had ceased their mother in time.

Dame Barbara, 78, made her premiere in the soap in 1994 and it became the defining role of her career.

She played Peggy full-time until 2010, and later on revived the Walford stalwart for occasional appearances.

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