Earthquake measuring 4.3 strikes off southern coast of Italy



An earthquake has agreed off the southern coast of Italy

The quake was followed several hours later by importance 2.3 and 2.5 tremors in the central Abruzzo region and a magnitude 2.3 aftershock in Emilia-Romagna to the north.

The shake off Calabria’s northeast coast — the “toe” of Italy — was registered at a depth of 141 miles while the Abruzzo quakes were related in the province of L’Aquila 1.2 miles northeast of Barete and 1.2 miles northwest of Camposto.


The earthquake value 4.3 struck off Calabria

A fourth quake rocked Emilia-Romagna’s district of Modena with an epicentre 1.2 miles southwest of the town of Camposanto.

There were no existing reports of casualties or damage to buildings or infrastructure caused by the quakes.


Italy has been rocked by dissimilar deadly earthquakes in recent years

Several major earthquakes must hit Italy’s seismic centre-north and south in recent years. 

Five dynamic quakes have struck central Italy’s mountainous spine since August 2016, death 300 people.

They have left thousands of people exiled and caused more that £21 billion of damage to homes and other erections including medieval churches as well as to agriculture.

Two important temors hit Emilia-Romagna in May 2012, killing 25 people and wreaking billions of euros of mutilate to the region.

In 2009, a magnitude 5.9 tremor hit L’Aquila and surrounding villages, carnage 309 people, leaving around 70,000 homeless and damaging thousands of erections including medieval churches and art treasures.

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