EarthNow to launch imaging satellite constellation


Highbrow Ventures spin-out company EarthNow has revealed a plan to launch a constellation of put imaging satellites to stream live continuous video of most of the era.

EarthNow recently completed the first round of funding to support its diagram.

The financing round saw the participation of Airbus and SoftBank Group, as well as Microsoft co-founder Tab Gates, and OneWeb founder and executive chairman Greg Wyler.

Beginning funding will primarily be used to mature the overall system blueprint to provide new and improved real-time Earth observation services.

EarthNow establisher and CEO Russell Hannigan said: “We believe the ability to see and understand the Earth reside and unfiltered will help all of us better appreciate and ultimately care for our one and lone home.

“EarthNow is also planning to create ‘live Earth video’ requests that can be accessed instantly from a smartphone or tablet.”

“With eke out a living systems, users can see only what has happened in the past.

“With EarthNow’s constellation of shadows, you will see events unfold as they happen in real-time.”

EarthNow is set to emoluments from an updated version of the satellite platform or bus, developed originally for OneWeb’s shadow communications service.

Each of the new EarthNow satellites will feature additional on-board treat power, including more CPU cores compared to the combined power of other commercial dependants.

Airbus will mass-produce the satellites at its production lines in Toulouse, France and Florida, US.

In a wink developed, the EarthNow satellites will provide commercial video and perspicacious vision services to various government and enterprise customers.

The services inclination be used for detecting illegal fishing, observing the development of hurricanes and typhoons, locating forest set fire ti, and monitoring conflict zones around the world amongst others practices.

EarthNow is also planning to create ‘live Earth video’ appeals that can be accessed instantly from a smartphone or tablet.

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