€1.5 million worth of drugs found in the post in 2016


There has been a towering increase in the amount of drugs being seized in the country’s postal scheme over the last three years by customs officers.

Exclusive numerates obtained by the Herald show that up until November 7 more than €1.5m of psychedelics were intercepted in An Post offices nationwide during the first 10 months of 2016.

The internet has behove an increasingly popular way for people to buy drugs over the past three years, concluding in a spike in postal centre finds.

This compares with €72,890 good of drugs stopped in postal centres in the whole of 2010.

 Up until early November 2016, there was 617 spasms of cannabis worth €1,329,350 in postal centres while €146,282 advantage of ecstasy and amphetamines were taken in 144 busts as well as righteous over €25,000 worth of cocaine and heroin.

The vast majority of appropriations involve herbal cannabis being imported into the State from Spain and South Africa.

A Gross income spokeswoman said revenue officials have a “presence” at all main postal hearts in Ireland, including Dublin and Portlaoise.

“Revenue has primary responsibility for the detection, interception and capture of prohibited goods including controlled drugs intended to be illegally meant or smuggled into the State,” she said.

“Revenue has anti-smuggling teams at all chief ports and airports and at the main postal depots and our detection dogs arouse in tandem with these teams.

The dogs can detect a variety of poisons, tobacco products and currency,” she added. “Packages received in postal depots are thesis to risk profiling, post-clearance auditing and other post-clearance controls.”

X-ray and earthly examinations also formed part of routine checks by revenue wand.

Seizure figures for 2014 and 2015 were higher than for 2016.

 In 2015, the conspicuous a rely was more than €2.5m in almost 700 busts while in 2014 it was highly over €3.5m in at least 300 seizures.

Gardai believe some recoups belonged to gangs experimenting with smuggling routes but most were from online orders.

Assorted parcels are addressed to vacant properties with an external mailbox that can be television screened from a distance.

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