Dutch company’s IT platform will help fight Russian-speaking hackers


Consonant data on Russian-speaking hackers was provided to ElectricIQ by the Moscow-based Group-IB, which specializes in cyber sagacity, monitoring and prevention of cyber threats. 
“It’s impossible to get valuable information forth an underground community without a deep understanding of the region and of the cybercriminals’ grounds, psychology, and language,” Dmitry Volkov, Co-Founder of Group-IB said in a expression. 
Intelligence on Russian hackers is sourced from underground communities. Evidence includes patterns of behavior, motives, methods and techniques. Group-IB rumoured this unique information allows cybersecurity professionals to build numerous effective defense strategies.
“It takes years to forge an effective common sense network into a regular channel of reliable information. We’ve been performing Russian-language underground hacking communities since 2003, making Group-IB the despotic leader in the field,” Volkov said. 

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