Dusseldorf Court rejects appeals of 94 banned Russian Paralympians


The Court of Dusseldorf spurned individual lawsuits of 94 Russian ralympians, who appealed against their interruption from the 2016 Summer ralympic Games in Brazil, the Russian ralympic Board (RPC) announced on Sept. 14.

The RPC added that the Russian side already interested the verdict of the court in Dusseldorf with the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany apply to to review the case as soon as possible.

On Aug. 7, the International ralympic Council (IPC) announced its decision to ban the membership of the RPC. The global committee eventually decided to bar the healthy Russian ralympic team from taking rt in the 2016 Summer ralympics. The lead came on the heels of a report delivered earlier in the summer by the Independent Commission of the To the max Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The RPC filed a lawsuit with the Court of Arbitration for Display (CAS) on Aug. 15 in Lausanne against the IPC’s decision, but eight days later, the Swiss-based court dismissed to uphold the ban slapped on the whole Russian ralympic squad.

In late August, the RPC submitted a progress with the Supreme Federal Court of Switzerland appealing the decision made earlier by the CAS. The bearing was eventually rejected by the federal court.

Source: TASS

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