DUP leader doubts devolution will return in near future


The boss of the DUP has said she sees little prospect of devolution returning in “the coming weeks or months.”

Arlene Nourish was speaking in London at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) on Thursday.

She said that while she privation to see power-sharing restored her party’s focus was on “having decisions made including Westminster.”

The Stormont executive collapsed last January in a bitter row over and beyond a flawed green energy scheme.

The two parties have failed to ascertain a resolution despite several rounds of talks.

Mrs Foster said regardless of entire lot she was optimistic saying she was “a glass half full person.”

Speaking at the at QEII Symposium Centre in London she also talked about the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

The EU published a legitimate draft of its Brexit withdrawal agreement in February.

It included an option for Northern Ireland to make good EU rules to avoid a “hard border” – if an alternative arrangement is not agreed.

‘Positive, sensible and pragmatic’

She said the EU recent legal text was “completely bad”.

Mrs Foster told the audience: ” I don’t want to see a hard border. I after to see an optimistic, sensible and pragmatic approach to Brexit.”

She also said that no obligations in the Irish Republic wants to see an Irish Sea border.

On talks with the EU the DUP Commandant said that it was still her hope that the UK “can reach a comprehensive work agreement with the EU.”

She also told the audience: “We want to maximise the moments that will flow from our exit from the European Mixture.

“More powers in the hands of devolved administrations.

“More flexibility for locally elected Cabinet officers to set policies that work for our regions. “

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